Minnesota Mental Health Matters 

Many of you will be filling out one of the Client Intake Form packets. This is an online PDF format that allows you to fill it out. There are multiple forms in each packet, which means that every page that requires a name / date, etc is there because it is its own form and may be used individually.

  • Please note that there are over 40 required fields in order to complete the PDF's form. Forms that are not completed (all required fields) will not be accepted. This is your responsibility.

All information submitted on these PDF forms is HIPAA compliant and secure (no information is ever shared).

  • Please take the time to fill out the forms correctly and have a photo of your insurance card (front and back) ready to be uploaded at the end of filling out the packets.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you.



Online forms to fill out directly

After our initial conversation and your interest in therapy / scheduling time for an intake session, it is necessary to complete one of the Auto fill PDF's Intake Packets. Please click on the appropriate one you were assigned by your prescriber below:



Client Intake packets


Child Intake Form Packet Age 4-10

Adult Intake Forms Packet



Child Intake Form Packet Age 11-17



For established patients, please complete  upon request:

Yearly Forms (permission/consent/HIPAA)