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Guns, Depression, and Suicide Prevention:

Mental Health and guns - Is It time for Universal Home Safety Screening?


Mental Health and guns questionnaire / study | As part of an effort to examine the consequences of COVID-19, the authors used the 9-Item Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) depression screening scale as well as a dichotomous yes or no question regarding gun ownership. Additionally, they inquired about recency of purchase, future plans for acquiring guns, and reasons for obtaining them.

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Mental Health | Firearm Deaths see a large increase in US

Mental Health note | A new analysis of firearm deaths from 1999-2017 examines changes in each state within age, gender and racial/ethnic groups.

The rate at which Americans died from firearm injuries increased sharply starting in 2015, a new study shows. This recent increase occurred to varying degrees across different states, types of firearm deaths such as homicide and suicide, and demographic groups.
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Mental Health | Americans fascination with guns is killing too many of our young

This article is about safety. It is not our position to argue gun control, the issue of safety starts in the home.

American children died of self-inflicted gunshot wounds at a sharply higher rate in 2014 than seven years earlier, according to a recent study, which said that the safe storage of firearms could make a big difference in preventing youth suicides.

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